JL Sportglasses

Customize Sports Glasses

Become Your Own Designer

At JL Sportglasses, we offer a unique opportunity to showcase your brand identity. Whether you prefer our branded sports glasses or want to add your logo to our eyewear, we’ve got you covered.
You can choose to sell sports eyewear with our branded logo or opt for your custom logo imprint. Through our OEM and ODM services, you can customize the style and logo design of sports glasses to align with your vision.
We provide a wide range of customization options, including lens shape, lens color, frame shape, frame color, temples, elastic bands, nosebars, foam layers, and eyewear packaging. This allows you to create truly unique eyewear.
Express your brand identity with various logo styles, including engraved logos, embossed logos, metal sticker logos, printed logos, laser logos, and fixed metal tags.
Ready to turn your eyewear into a powerful branding tool? Contact us today for specific details. Send a message or email, and we’ll respond promptly within 12 hours.

Confirm customized products

You can customize according to the style of sports glasses you want,we support customized lenses,frames,straps/temples,packaging and logo styles (engraved logo,embossed logo,metal sticker logo,printed logo,laser logo,fixed metal logo),etc.

Provide customized information

You provide us with relevant information and requirements such as pattern materials,logo trademark information and packaging design required for custom glasses.

Communication and negotiation

According to your customized requirements for sports glasses,we will arrange someone to communicate with you until you are satisfied with the customized information.

Determine custom content

After you confirm that the sports glasses (lenses,frames,straps/temples,logo),packaging, quantity and delivery time are all right,we sign the contract,you pay a 30% deposit,and We arrange mass production.

Arrangements for delivery

According to the contract time and the delivery address you provided,we will arrange the delivery. After the goods are delivered,you will need to pay 70% of the balance.

Order cooperation completed

After you receive the goods,please check whether the glasses are in good condition as soon as possible.if there is any problem,please contact us in time to confirm.the product is no problem,the order is completed.