JL Sportglasses

Sports Goggles

In our sports goggle series, JL Sportglasses remains steadfast in using polycarbonate lenses, renowned for their exceptional impact resistance. This feature effectively safeguards against lens shattering upon impact, ensuring optimal protection for the wearer. Additionally, our lenses exhibit wind and sand resistance, UV protection, and can be treated with an anti-fogging process upon request.
The frames of our sports goggles are skillfully crafted from a blend of PC/TPU materials. PC, prized for its impact resistance and durability, is exceptionally resilient, while TPU offers remarkable flexibility, allowing for easy bending to match facial contours and provide superior protection.
Our goggle’s elastic band is composed of high-quality polyester, providing adjustable wearing tightness for maximum comfort.
Discover a diverse array of goggle styles within our collection, including basketball goggles, soccer goggles, motocross goggles, ski goggles, and volleyball goggles.
As advocates of customization, we wholeheartedly support OEM/ODM requests. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your inquiries or leave a message for consultation. Your unique vision for sports eyewear is our priority.

Types of Sports Goggles

Available in anti-fog, OTG and clear, JL Sportglasses offers a wide range of sports goggles including ski goggles, snowboard goggles, soccer goggles, basketball goggles, volleyball goggles, tennis goggles, cricket goggles, softball goggles, and other categories, more than 100 styles, suitable for different groups of children, youth, and adults.

Benefits of Sports Goggles

Sports goggles are a specific type of eyewear designed for protecting the eyes during specific activities. Our sports goggles are made from durable materials with polycarbonate lenses designed to specifically hold up to impacts and debris. They protect athletes' eyes from harsh sunlight and impurities while protecting them from accidental injuries during contact sports. Sports goggles will help you get the best possible view while playing sports, increase your efficiency and also ensure you enjoy your activities more safely.