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Lab Safety Goggles S007





lab safety goggles adopt high quality PC lens,lens large,clear and open vision,impact resistance,not easy to break,can effectively waterproof and windproof,block liquid splash,effective protection of eye safety.The lens can be freely changed,can be changed myopia lens,to meet the myopia users wear.

The encircling design is adopted on both sides of the frame to prevent dust,fine sand or gravel from flying in from the flanks to better protect the safety of the glasses.

The safety goggles brow strip area adopts the ventilation design to speed up the air flow,and the soft sponge strip is added to make you wear without pressure and more comfortable. Adjustable silicone nose pad can meet the needs of different groups of people.It is more comfortable to wear and not easy to slip.

lab safety goggles has added a small hole at the end of the goggles,which are more securely attached to the head by a string when in uselab safety goggles s007


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PC Frame + PC Lens