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Prescription Safety Glasses With Side Shields S011

Lens material: PC
Frame Material: PC
Lens leg material: PC+Rubber wrapped
Glasses size: 16*4.5*4.5cm
Side protection plate size: 4.8*3cm
Weight: 36g
Features: impact resistance, anti-scratch, wind and sand resistance, liquid splash resistance, anti-fogging


Our lenses for these prescription safety glasses with side shields are made of premium polycarbonate material that is highly impact resistant and prevents small particles from hurting your eyes. At the same time, the lenses are wind-sand, splash and UV resistant, and the surface of the lenses has been subjected to anti-fog technology, which has an anti-fog effect of more than 1 year, and can keep the lenses clear even in environmental conditions with large temperature differences, so that you can say goodbye to the trouble of obstructed vision.
At the same time, the lens can be removed to install myopic lenses to meet the use of myopic users.

In addition, both sides of the lens are designed with protective plates to prevent foreign objects from hurting your eyes from the side. Great for use in laboratories, construction sites and carpentry to industrial work, etc. In addition, the lenses can be replaced with green or orange lenses to meet the welding work, both sides of the protective plate can be removed to adapt to you in different environments.

And the frame is made of impact-resistant PC material, the unique design of the frame combines fashion and functionality, making these safety glasses a stylish and ideal protective accessory.

The temples of these safety glasses are wrapped in rubber, and the non-slip effect of the temples prevents any unwanted sliding, ensuring that your glasses stay where they need to be, comfortable and safe to wear.

Suitable for a wide range of environments, our safety glasses are perfect for laboratory work, construction sites, personal care, welding, carpentry areas and industrial tasks. No matter where you are or what kind of work you do, these eyewear will meet your safety needs.

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