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Prescription Sports Glasses for Basketball JH083

1. No side pillars,wide field of vision;
2. Silicone side buckle can be folded,easy to carry;
3. Silicone protection pads,cushioning pressure;
4. Bendable frame for comfortable fit;
5. Can be equipped with 0-1200 degree myopia lenses.


Tailor-made prescription sports glasses for basketball enthusiasts.These glasses are made with PC material lenses that offer excellent impact resistance and windproofness for protection like no other.The lenses are designed to be anti-fog to ensure clear visibility in the heat of the game.

The innovative design of these eyewear features no side pillars on either side of the lens,giving you a wider field of vision,which is essential for staying in control on the court.The large PC frame enhances protection,and the seamless,soft silicone articulation between the frames reinforces fit,comfort,and protection.

Additionally,in order to balance comfort and functionality,the lens area of these basketball eyewear features a perforated silicone full wrap design.This clever design not only cushions pressure,but also effectively expels internal heat and prevents the lenses from fogging.

Meanwhile,for convenience,the elastic silicone side buckles can be easily folded for your input and storage.

Its outstanding feature is the removable lenses,which are compatible with 0-1200 degree myopia lenses to meet the needs of users with different vision requirements.

Notably,the elastic band is made of durable polyester material with excellent elasticity,toughness,non-slip properties and breathability.The added style of soccer pattern in the elastic band makes the glasses more fashionable and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition,we offer OEM/ODM personalized service for our basketball glasses. Lenses,frames and elastic bands can all be customized to include different colors,water dyes or intricate patterns.Experience the perfect blend of performance and fashion in our customizable basketball prescription eyewear.

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