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Black Polarized Motocross Goggles Mask MO007

The Black Polarized Motocross Mask Clean, classic, and comfortable.

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Black polarized motocross mask, this goggles and masks can be removed,which can solve the needs of users in different scenarios.This mirror racks are made of tpu,high tension,strong and aging,and anti -bacteriography.It can effectively buffer the pressure when being hit by external impact to better protect your facial security.In addition,small white blocks in the middle of the frame can also meet the needs of custom logos.

The lens of this motocross goggles is pc lenses.The pc lens is strong, lightweight, and not easy to break.It can effectively prevent the lens from cracking during strenuous exercise,and also protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays.At the same time,it can reduce the weight of the mirror mask and make you not tired for a long time.

Motocross goggles mask imitation robot facial design.It is more handsome when wearing.The golden ventilation holes on both sides of the mask add metallic sense to the entire pair of masks, making the entire motorcycle goggles more beautiful and cool.When you wear these goggles,you will not feel uncomfortable.

In addition,on the inner side of the mask goggles,we also added a sponge layer design to avoid the squeezing of the opposite side of the goggles,and it can also play a role in sweat absorption.

For the goggles,the large and high elastic soft band is used to avoid the goggles from slipping during exercise,and it can also freely control the tightness.

black polarized motocross goggles mask mo007








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