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Cheap Cycling Sunglasses SP017

1. polaroid lenses;
2. PC material half frame design;
3. Adjustable rubber nosepiece;
4. Veneer area to add cushioning pressure eyebrow strip;
5. PC legs can be removed,and add wind holes and anti-slip rubber.


Our affordable cycling sunglasses boast Polaroid lenses for superior clarity and visual acuity. The advanced lens technology ensures excellent protection against harmful UV rays, reducing glare for clear and comfortable vision during your ride.

Crafted from high-quality PC material, the frames feature a durable half-frame design that combines robustness with lightweight comfort. Impact-resistant and designed to withstand cycling rigors, this sleek and modern design not only offers a stylish appearance but also widens your field of vision.

Prioritizing comfort and compatibility, our cycling sunglasses feature an adjustable rubber nosepiece. Easily contoured to fit your nose, it ensures prolonged comfort, eliminating the hassle of sliding sunglasses during your ride.

To elevate your wearing experience, the sunglasses include a cushioned pressure brow bar in the veneer area. This innovative feature evenly distributes pressure across your brow, reducing discomfort and ensuring a snug fit even during intense rides.

The PC legs of the sunglasses are designed for flexibility and convenience, easily detachable for compact storage or a change in wearing style. Added air holes enhance airflow, prevent fogging, and maintain clarity. The non-slip rubber ensures a secure fit, keeping the sunglasses in place during strenuous exercise. Enjoy an enhanced cycling experience with our thoughtfully designed and affordable sunglasses.

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PC Frame + Polaroid Lens