JL Sportglasses

Mtb Riding Glasses SP021

1. Polaroid lenses, anti-UV, anti-glare;
2. PC material half frame design, after painting process;
3. Rubber nosepiece adjustable in size;
4. PC lens legs can be easily removed.


Put on our mountain bike riding glasses and you’ll start embarking on an unrivaled mountain bike ride in no time. These premium Polaroid lens glasses feature HD vision, UV protection and anti-glare to ensure clarity even in bright conditions. You can easily adapt to changing weather by removing and replacing the functional lenses.

Featuring a half-rim design, these sports sunglasses are made from durable PC material to ensure durability and impact resistance. The carefully painted finish adds sophistication and enhances your outdoor riding experience.

To provide personalized comfort, the eyewear features an adjustable rubber nosepiece that can be easily cleaned or replaced by loosening the screws on the nose bridge.The PC temples are easily removable with the push of a button, allowing you to change to different colors or even attach an elastic band for a versatile look.

Rubber inserts at the bottom of the frame provide excellent non-slip grip for added stability during intense rides. Free to customize, safe and stylish for an outstanding riding experience.


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PC Frame + Polaroid Lens