JL Sportglasses

Polarized running sunglasses using polycarbonate lenses,lens resistance than ordinary lenses,and also very good softness,the surface of the lens after electroplating coating process,effectively blocking the reflected light, improve contrast,so that vision is clearer and more comfortable,and will not be not harsh,care for your eye safety.

This sunglasses frame with half frame design, left and right snap lock,do not worry about the lens easy to fall,at the same time,effectively reduce the weight of glasses,so that glasses more light,so you wear comfortable,as much as the fashion generous cool.

In running sunglasses leg side set metal small square,can facilitate you to customize their own brand logo,metal logo show generous beautiful cool.

The soft rubber design at the end of the sunglasses leg prevents your glasses from sliding or slipping off when you wear them.In addition,the middle of the leg with a bendable setting,so you can carry more convenient,small wind holes,long time wearing will not feel uncomfortable.

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PC Frame + Polycarbonate Lens