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Anti Fog Medical Goggles TS001


This anti fog medical goggles with PC lenses,the surface of the anti-fog coating PC lenses,cold and hot to wear the lenses do not fog, translucent lenses,to maintain a clear view in a complex environment,suitable for a variety of environments.They can be used for hospital nurse protection,laboratory protection against chemical liquid splashes and outdoor work protection.

Medical goggles frame is soft PVC material,using the wrap-around design,soft frame fits the face,to prevent liquid,dust,sand or debris from flying into the side wings,better protection of eye safety.

The headband of the goggles uses a high elasticity elastic band,no strangulation universal type,can be used for different head types.

In addition,the goggles are suitable for myopic people can be stacked and worn without taking off myopic glasses,easy to wear.



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PVC Frame + PC Lens