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Polarized Safety Goggles S52-1

1. The lens material is PC, resistant to impact and UV protection;
2. Goggle frame made of high quality tpu imported material;
3. with myopic glasses all wear;
4. Large size elastic band can be adjusted.


Our polarized safety goggles use lenses made of high quality PC materials to ensure superior impact resistance, UV, scratch and sand resistance. The lenses are designed to be easily removable, allowing you to replace them with colored lenses of your choice, adding a personal touch to your safety gear.

At the same time, the frame of the goggles is made of high-quality TPU imported raw materials, providing excellent toughness and resistance. This allows the frame to bend at will without leaving creases, ensuring a comfortable and safe fit. There are also 4 vents within the frame to facilitate the flow of warm air from the inside, enhance comfort and prevent fog. The stylish design adds a touch of style to your goggles.

We understand that different users have different functional needs for goggles, which is why our goggles have plenty of space inside. This innovative design allows you to comfortably wear the goggles over your nearsighted glasses, ensuring clear vision and maximum protection.

The goggles have a large size elastic band that guarantees a comfortable and safe fit. This band has good elasticity and can accommodate different head sizes. Its anti-slip properties ensure that the goggles remain in place during intense activity. In addition, the band is adjustable to accommodate a variety of adult users and allows for helmet compatibility when necessary.

polarized safety goggles s52-1 (1)
polarized safety goggles s52-1 (1)

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TPR Frame + PC Lens