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Anti-Pollen Anti Blue Light Safety Glasses S013





Lens material: PC
Frame Material: PC
Lens leg material: PC+Rubber wrapped
Glasses size: 15.3*6*5.5cm
Side protection plate size: 4.8*3cm
Weight: 30g
Features: Protects against pollen, wind, dust, blue light, chemical splashes


Introducing our anti-pollen anti blue light safety glasses, designed with convenience and personalized needs in mind. The glasses feature detachable lenses for easy replacement or cleaning, providing users with flexibility. The lenses are made of high-quality polycarbonate (PC) material, ensuring lightweight, durable, and excellent optical performance. This eyewear is crafted to offer comprehensive eye protection in various environments. Not only does it combat pollen, making it an ideal choice during allergy seasons, but it also functions as computer glasses with blue light blocking and is designed to resist wind, ensuring clear vision during outdoor activities. The frames, also constructed with PC material, contribute to the overall lightweight and comfortable design. This thoughtful approach not only provides users with convenience and flexibility but also ensures the durability and optimal visual experience of the glasses.

The unique surround lens design provides optimal coverage against pollen, wind, and dust, while the non-slip rubber nose clip and protective side shields enhance comfort and protection. Suitable for various professions, including welding, woodworking, laboratory work, healthcare professionals, dental nurses, and more, these glasses comply with CE ANSI Z87.1 standards, ensuring high-quality eye protection.

Choose PollenGuard Glasses for a blend of functionality, comfort, and stylish design suitable for both men and women across different fields.

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