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Prescription Safety Goggles S002





Prescription safety goggles adopt PC HD enhanced transparent lens design,maintain clarity in complex environment,lens surface through anti-fog coating,can effectively prevent the lens due to the closure of the atomization,so that you can wear clearly,more convenient.

Can wear myopia glasses,designed for human face shape,can be worn with myopia glasses at the same time.

The soft surface frame and nose pad are soft and fit better and more comfortable.In addition,the nose pad can be freely disassembled and adjusted to wear width,which can meet the needs of people with different size or height of nose bridge.

Safety goggles silicone protective strip is designed in the veneer area,which can effectively cushion the extrusion of the mirror frame on the forehead,and it is comfortable to wear.At the same time,the protective strip can be easily replaced,and can be changed according to your favorite color.

Three up and down adjustment points and five stretching and shrinking points are used in the glasses leg,which can adjust the leg and foot according to the height and length of the wear, to meet the needs of different people.

prescription safety goggles s002


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