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Basketball Eye Goggles JH072



1. basketball eye goggles lenses are made of high-impact PC;
2. the frame of the goggles is made of impact-resistant PC;
3. silicone material used in the veneer area and nose rest;
4. the goggles are equipped with vents on both sides;
5. ball goggle elastic band using non-slip elastic rubber band.


The basketball eye goggles lens is made of high impact PC material,which is windproof,waterproof and scratch resistant,so it can effectively protect your eyes from external collisions when you wear it for outdoor basketball sports.The lenses can be removed for easy replacement or cleaning.

Meanwhile,this basketball frame is made of impact-resistant PC material with high toughness and fracture resistance,which can provide reliable protection during intense basketball games.

The goggle’s veneer area and nose rest are made of soft silicone to provide a comfortable fit.The nosepiece is designed with a three-point fastening clip,which is both stylish and easy to remove the goggles quickly.

In addition,the goggles are equipped with vents on both sides to promote air flow and effectively reduce lens fogging,providing you with a clearer view when playing outdoors.

The elastic band is made of non-slip elastic rubber band,which can firmly fix the goggles.The headband is designed with a soft silicone buckle that is removable and will not cause discomfort to the user when the buckle is attached to the face.

basketball eye goggles jh072


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