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Removable Motorcycle Mask MO009

The Removable motorcycle mask allows you to maintain clarity in complex environments, resist ultraviolet rays, and protect your eyes from harm.


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The appearance of the removable motorcycle mask is more in favor of the robot face fitting design,which makes the interior space more abundant, the vision wider,and the goggles more cool.The mask and goggles are detachable,and high-definition PC lenses enable you to maintain clarity in complex environments.They can also resist ultraviolet rays and protect your eyes from harm.

The motor cycle mask uses a tpu mirror frame,which is more flexible and thick,with strong protection,and can effectively prevent bursting and impact.Secondly,there is a slot behind the goggles that can be used to put myopic glasses,so as to solve the use problem for myopic friends.

High density odor free breathable comfortable sponge is used on the inside of the motorcycle goggles frame to make you more comfortable during riding.High elastic soft band is used for the mirror band,which is comfortable to wear and not easy to slip off.

In addition,we can make solid color frames with different colors or water dyed frames with various patterns,or install masks with different shapes.

removable motorcycle mask mo009




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TPU Frame +PC Lens