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Basketball Eye Protection Glasses JH088



1. New transparent large frame design;
2. Silicone side buckle can be folded,easy to carry;
3. Suitable for large faces and adults to wear;
4. Water-dyed design is used at the nosepiece of the outer frame;
5. Can be equipped with 0-1200 degree myopia lenses.


The foundation of these basketball eye protection glasses lies in their PC lenses.Made from a premium polycarbonate material,these lenses are impact resistant and provide the necessary protection against accidental collisions,ensuring that your eyes are protected even in the heat of the game.You can play with confidence knowing that your vision is protected.

In addition,the surface of the lens has been treated with an anti-fog process so you can focus more on your game on the court.Let’s say goodbye to blurred vision caused by fog or wind interference.

And the large frame of these glasses is made of durable PC material,which not only expands your field of vision,but also enhances the protection of your glasses.The frames are designed not just for aesthetics, but to provide a comprehensive solution to your eye care needs.

We all know that a clean and stylish look is very important.That’s why clear colors were used in the frame selection of these basketball eyewear,which complements your on-court attire.To add a touch of sophistication,we have added a water coloring to the nosepiece,which adds to the simplicity,style and elegance of the glasses.

Meanwhile,for the choice of material for the nosepiece,we have changed it and chosen a soft silicone nosepiece,which ensures a comfortable fit throughout the game.The silicone side buttons on both sides are designed to be foldable,which not only facilitates transportation and saves costs,but also makes it easy to carry and store.

We know that not everyone has the same visual needs.That’s why these basketball glasses have removable lenses that allow you to customize your vision.We’ve equipped them with 0-1200 degree near vision lenses to accommodate nearsighted users and ensure that everyone can enjoy the game with optimal clarity.

The elastic band it made of premium polyester material for comfort,durability and non-slip properties to enhance your experience on and off the court.

We believe that eyewear should reflect your personality.That’s why our basketball eyewear is designed for customization.From the lenses to the frames and even the elastic band,you have the freedom to choose from a variety of colors,water dyes or patterns.Express your personality with one-of-a-kind eyewear.

Experience the future of basketball eye protection with our new adult basketball glasses.The perfect combination of safety,comfort and style to take your game to the next level. Enhance your vision,enhance your performance,choose the best product for your eyes,choose our basketball eye protection glasses!

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