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Basketball Eye Protection Glasses JH088

Application: basketball, soccer, volleyball, handball, squash, racquetball, badminton
Supply Capability: We have an on-hand inventory to meet small order demands.
Delivery Time: For in-stock items: 3-15 days; for customized orders: 15-35 days, depending on the quantity.
Wholesale Price: Determined based on the purchase quantity.
Minimum Order Quantity for Customization: Starts at 300 pieces, with a minimum of 100 pieces per model.
Standard Packaging: OPP bag + white inner box + outer carton.
Customization Services: OEM and ODM support available.
Provision of Mold and Sample Production Services: Yes.
Distributor or Agent Program: Yes.


These basketball eye protection glasses are anchored by PC lenses, crafted from premium polycarbonate material for impact resistance. Ensuring reliable protection during intense gameplay, these lenses offer confidence and security. The anti-fog treatment eliminates vision obstructions caused by fog or wind, enabling you to stay focused on your court performance.

The large frame, constructed from durable PC material, not only widens your field of vision but also reinforces overall eye protection. Designed with both aesthetics and comprehensive eye care in mind, these frames provide a stylish solution to your eyewear needs.

In terms of appearance, clear colors were intentionally chosen for the frame to complement your on-court attire. The addition of water coloring to the nosepiece enhances the glasses’ simplicity, style, and elegance, ensuring a clean and stylish look.

For game-long comfort, the nosepiece is made of soft silicone, offering a comfortable fit throughout the match. The foldable silicone side buttons add convenience for transportation, cost-saving, and easy storage.

Recognizing diverse visual needs, these basketball glasses feature removable lenses for customization. Equipped with 0-1200 degree near vision lenses, they cater to nearsighted users, ensuring optimal clarity for everyone on the court.

The elastic band, made of premium polyester material, prioritizes comfort, durability, and non-slip properties, enhancing your overall experience both on and off the court.

Our basketball eyewear is designed for customization, allowing you to express your personality. Choose from a variety of colors, water dyes, or patterns for the lenses, frames, and elastic band. Experience the future of basketball eye protection with our adult basketball glasses—a perfect blend of safety, comfort, and style to elevate your game. Enhance your vision, boost your performance—choose the best for your eyes, choose our basketball eye protection glasses!

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Available Colors + Customization Requests




PC Frame + PC Lens+Silicone Nosepiece


15*4.5*5cm (Adult Size), Kids Size Need to be Customized