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Detachable Skull Motorcycle Goggles Mask MO007-1

Removable water die frame motorcycle mask is comfortable to wear, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays and protect eyes.

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Skull motorcycle goggles mask design is a goggles and detachable skull mask design,so that the goggles can be applied to a wider range of scenes, and the color using pattern watermarking process,so that the whole pair of goggles mask more cool.

This motorcycle goggles framework is made of tpu material,which has the characteristics of high resistance,cold resistance and not easy to break.Moreover,when the goggles are impacted by the outside world,it can effectively cushion the impact force and reduce the degree of facial injury.

PC material lens,protect the eyes from UV damage,but also can prevent foreign body impact lens lens breakage and damage to the eyes.

On the inside of the motorcycle mask,we added a sponge layer design that can not only filter anti-dust particles,but also absorb sweat, so as to avoid sweat getting into the eyes and affecting the riding experience.

And the high elastic soft belt of the goggles,the tightness can be adjusted,so that you wear more comfortable,while preventing the goggles from slipping,reduce the safety risk.

detachable skull motorcycle goggles mask mo007-1




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TPU Frame +PC Lens