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Basketball Goggle Glasses JH830

1. using PC high impact anti-fog lenses;
2. the frame is large and made of PC;
3. soft silicone design for nosepiece and forehead area;
4. PC material lens leg can be removed and replaced with soft elastic band.


The basketball goggle glasses are made of PC lenses with high impact,anti-fogging and windproof performance,allowing you to maximize the protection of your eyes from harming the outside world while playing outdoor ball games.Due to the larger lens size,these glasses provide you with a wider field of vision,which enhances the visual experience and improves performance on the court.

The frame material of the glasses is PC,a material with high impact resistance,less breakage and durability.This minimizes injuries even when subjected to violent external impacts.Keeps eyes safe.And the large size of the frame not only provides extra protection,but also presents a stylish and popular look.The curved,streamlined design on the nose rest adds a touch of elegance and gives you a cool look when you wear them.

The nosepiece and forehead area are designed with soft silicone to ensure optimal comfort while wearing.The added hollow threads on the nosepiece promote breathability and prevent discomfort caused by heat and sweat.The nose bracket is also removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Also,the eyeglass temples are made of PC material,providing stability and durability.Prevents damage to the frame from sweat.However,to increase the usability of the glasses,the temples can be easily removed and replaced with soft,elastic elastic bands.This allows you to change the way you wear your glasses to suit your preferences and adapt them to different occasions.

Choose these basketball glasses for your different occasions and contact us if you are interested.

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