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kids Anti-Fog Snow Goggles DH009





1. kids Anti fog snow goggles is polycarbonate lens,anti-fog,anti-ultraviolet,anti-wind sand;
2. The frame adopts high toughness tpu,resistant to attack and scratch;
3. OTG design is adopted for ski goggles;
4. Three layers of high density and soft sponge,the sponge layer is covered by tpu partition to extend the service life;
5. Elastic headband with adjustable length,suitable for helmet use.


Enhance your snowy adventures with our kids anti-fog snow goggles, thoughtfully designed to prioritize comfort, clarity, and protection in challenging winter conditions. The polycarbonate lens is equipped with anti-fog, anti-UV, and anti-sand properties, providing a clear view for skiing and snowboarding. The panoramic cylindrical lens design minimizes visual interference, and all lenses come with an anti-fog and anti-glare coating, ensuring a fog-free experience.

The TPU frame, known for its high toughness, ensures impact resistance and durability, allowing the goggles to perform well in various winter environments.

Our goggles feature an Out of Glasses (OTG) design, allowing you to wear prescription glasses underneath for clear vision and maximum comfort. The three-layer sponge provides a comfortable and secure fit, preventing any discomfort on your face. A TPU partition protects the sponge layer, extending the life of the goggles. The two-way ventilation system, with upper and lower air vents, effectively removes heat, maintaining fog resistance and ensuring comfort during winter sports.

Designed with a low-profile frame and an adjustable elastic headband, this snow goggles can be customized for your comfort and are helmet-friendly.

our anti-fog snow goggles are essential for young outdoor enthusiasts enjoying skiing, snowboarding, or other winter activities.


kids anti-fog snow goggles dh009


Custom color


TPU Frame + Polycarbonate Lens