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kids Anti-Fog Snow Goggles DH009



1. kids Anti fog snow goggles is polycarbonate lens,anti-fog,anti-ultraviolet,anti-wind sand;
2. The frame adopts high toughness tpu,resistant to attack and scratch;
3. OTG design is adopted for ski goggles;
4. Three layers of high density and soft sponge,the sponge layer is covered by tpu partition to extend the service life;
5. Elastic headband with adjustable length,suitable for helmet use.


Our kids anti-fog snow goggles are designed to provide maximum comfort,visibility and protection when performing outdoor activities in snowy and windy conditions.The goggles feature a polycarbonate lens with anti-fog,anti-UV and anti-sand properties,and a panoramic cylindrical lens design for clear vision and cool looking skiing and snowboarding with less visual interference,all lenses are anti-fog and anti-glare coating to provide 100% anti-fog protection.

The frame is made of high toughness TPU,which is impact resistant,durable and not easy to break,ensuring that your snowboard goggles are used in complex environments without problems.The impact resistant TPU frame and the high resolution lens provide you with the guarantee of fast and exciting skiing.

At the same time,the OTG(Out of glasses) design allows you to wear your prescription glasses under your ski goggles,ensuring clear vision and maximum comfort.

The snow goggles are designed with a dense,soft,three-layer sponge to provide a comfortable,secure fit for your face,so that you feel your face is not squished.The sponge layer is covered by a TPU partition to extend the life of the goggles.Upper and lower air vents are designed with a two-way ventilation system to remove heat to maintain fog resistance and comfort for skiing or snowboarding.

The low-profile frame design and elastic headband are adjustable in length,making it suitable for use with a helmet.

To sum up, our anti-fog snow goggles are a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy skiing, snowboarding or engaging in other snow activities.With their high-quality materials,comfortable fit and advanced features, they provide ultimate protection and visibility in all weather conditions.

If you are interested in our ski goggles,please send us an email or a message and we will reply to your information within 12 hours. Thanks!

kids anti-fog snow goggles dh009


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TPU Frame + Polycarbonate Lens