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Basketball Prescription Glasses JH086

1. New large frame oval rim design;
2. Silicone side buckle can be folded,easy to carry;
3. Suitable for large faces and adults to wear;
4. Bendable frame,comfortable to wear;
5. Can be equipped with 0-1200 degree myopia lenses.


The lens material of this adult basketball prescription glasses is PC lens,it has a certain anti-impact,wind and sand and anti-scratch performance,in addition,its surface can be treated with anti-fog,anti-fog effect is very ideal,anti-fog at least one year or more,of course,we also need to use it correctly.The lenses can be removed,and then can be equipped with 0-1200 degree myopic lenses to meet the myopic users.

The frame design of these basketball glasses is very fashionable,we use the outer large inner small oval design,which not only does not affect the visual experience,and makes the whole pair of glasses more fashionable and beautiful.The large frame is more protective and also the soft silicone is used to seamlessly connect the two frames of these glasses.

The frame can be bent at will without breaking,of course,it is a commodity,we need to know how to maintain it,so that we can delay its use of life,these glasses are suitable for adults to wear,so you need to pay attention to the time of purchase.

In addition,in the location of the eyeglasses veneer area,it is fully wrapped with skeletonized silicone,which effectively prevents cushioning pressure,and the protective pads can be removed,which makes it convenient for you to clean them regularly and prolong the service life of the eyeglasses.

The elastic silicone side buckles are foldable for your transportation,carry and storage.The elastic band is made of polyester,which is not only highly elastic and tough,but also ideal for anti-slip and breathability.

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