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High Quality Ski Goggles For Kids G97





High quality ski goggles for kids are made of double-layer lenses made of polycarbonate.The outer layer is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays and the inner layer is anti fogging.They not only effectively prevent harmful light from harming your eyes,but also provide you with high-definition vision experience.Children can use them with confidence and parents can be more reassured.

The Kids Ski Goggles frame is made of tpu material with strong toughness,which is not easy to break,and has a cushioning effect.It can effectively reduce the damage to the face during wrestling.It can better protect the face during skiing.The frame appearance is bright patterns,which not only looks good,but also conforms to children’s preferences.

Ski Goggles veneer is designed with three layers of sponge layer,so that when children use goggles,the goggles can fit the face comfortably without pressure.

Ski goggles with high elasticity and soft headband are equipped with adjustable buttons,so children can easily adjust the tightness of the headband themselves,making it more comfortable to wear.

Our ski goggles lenses all support the real electroplating and imitation electroplating processes,and support the printing of logos.Customers are welcome to call or write to inquire.

high quality ski goggles for kids g97




Custom color


TPU Frame + Polycarbonate Lens