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Basketball Protective Goggles JH054







This basketball protective goggles lens is made of PC material,which ensures a wide field of vision and provides a wide space for the inside of the lens,which is conducive to the flow of internal air.The anti-fogging process of the lens can effectively prevent the fogging of the lens and make the vision clearer.

And the frame selection of explosion-proof frame PC material,with good heat resistance,impact resistance,corrosion resistance and anti-allergy,the surface of the frame touch sensitive smooth,feel comfortable,when the strong impact of effective buffer damage to the face,improve the safety of the frame.

The nose bracket and eyebrow frame inside the mirror frame are made of soft silicone,which is conducive to sweat and anti-slip.The two sides of the silicone have hollow design,which is conducive to the outside air entering the mirror frame and speeding up the internal air flow.

The headband of basketball glasses selects high quality and high elasticity soft band,super elasticity,when wearing,that is,no pressure face discomfort,effectively avoid easily falling off during sports,and the day buckle of the headband can be arbitrarily adjusted the length of the headband,every detail reflects excellent quality.

basketball protective goggles jh054


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