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Skull Motorcycle Helmet Mask MO019

Clean, classic, and comfortable. The glasses takes the best of both feminine and masculine qualities.

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Skull motorcycle helmet mask,the biggest feature of this goggles is the appearance,the appearance is to imitate the human face will be ergonomic design,so that the goggles more fit your face.A sponge is added to the nose so that when you wear it for a long time,there is no squeezing sensation.

The motorcycle skeleton goggles frame using pc ductile material,high strength,good toughness,resistance to large.The integrated pc anti-impact uv HD lens can reduce the factors that hinder your vision and make your vision wider and clearer.

It’s the same color as the mask.It is a flexible belt with an adjustable buckle.It can be adjusted at will to make you comfortable.Motorcycle helmet masks meet uv400 and ce and iso safety standards,ensuring that our products are safe for you to use.

PC lens meets optical clarity and high quality/high speed impact standards,100% uva/uvb protection,distortion free clarity,lens coating to prevent scratches.In addition,Skull Motorcycle goggles can be customized with different colored or water-dyed pattern frames and different colored lenses.We support a small amount of customization,welcome to leave a message or call for advice.

skull motorcycle helmet mask mo019




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PP Frame +PC Lens