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Basketball Safety Goggles JH059







Basketball safety goggles adopt PC explosion-proof lens,using PC material,scratch resistant,high resistance and explosion-proof,protect your glasses from injury.

The frame is made of PC material,super light texture,super extensibility,dimensional stability and high resistance,fracture prevention,protection is safer.Integrated injection molding, multiple polishing,ensure the smoothness and gloss of the frame,super wide field of vision design,let your vision more open.

The curved streamline design at the front of the frame not only allows ventilation,but also prevents sweat from flowing into the glasses.The thickened soft silicone anti-impact non-pressure nose pad can effectively cushion the pressure of basketball goggles on the nose,making you more comfortable to wear.

The soft silica gel wing with open holes is not only soft and elastic,but also can effectively resist and buffer the impact of external forces on the eyes,protecting the eyes from injury and breathable.

The basketball glasses can be replaced with elastic band,and the head band can be removed from the buckle,which is convenient for cleaning and more clean and hygienic.

basketball safety goggles jh059


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PC Frame + PC Lens