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Black Dirt Bike Goggles MO004-2

1.PC reinforced lens to prevent impact and scratches;
2. The lens adopts electroplating process to prevent ultraviolet rays;
3. The frame is made of tpu material;
4. Design of air vent directly above the frame;
5. The frame of the goggles has spongy pads;
6. High elasticity soft belt with adjustable tightness.

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Black Dirt Bike Goggles use PC reinforced lenses to prevent impact and scratch.Lenses can increase electroplating process,block ultraviolet and other harmful light,and protect eyes.In addition,the anti fog lens coating is specially designed for chemical,medical,racing driver and special purposes.

The frame of this Dirt Bike Goggles is made of tpu material and sanded,which is sturdy and durable,effective in cushioning external pressure,and comfortable to wear.At the same time,the air vent design right above the frame can not only effectively exhaust the internal hot air and speed up the air flow,but also make the whole pair of goggles fashionable,generous,cool and dazzling.

The goggles of off-road vehicles have sponge pads inside,which are more comfortable to wear.The sponge layer can absorb sweat.In addition,the high elastic soft belt is selected as the head wear of the goggles.The tightness of the head wear is adjustable,comfortable to wear,anti-skid and anti movement.

black dirt bike goggles mo004-2




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TPU Frame + PC Lens