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Sports Goggles for Basketball JH058





This sports goggles for basketball uses PC materials,environmental protection and safety,high resistance,anti-violence,effective protection of eye safety.The frame is made of PC material, with high resistance,anti-fracture,ergonomic face sticking design,suitable for people with different face shapes.

basketball goggles soft silica gel nose pad and eyebrow frame can effectively buffer the external pressure and protect the face.The small white spot in the middle of the goggles is the position of the fixed nose pad.This design makes the goggles beautiful and easy to remove the nose pad and clean easily.

The side buckle of basketball glasses is made of high-quality transparent and soft silicone material,which is more ductile,softer,more comfortable,and anti-impact,easy to disassemble and easy to clean.In the side joint buckle at the ventilation buckle design,conducive to movement,the internal hot air fast flow,wear more comfortable.

As for the headband,the high elastic soft band is selected,which can adjust the tightness of the wearing,so that the gogglesr will not slide freely,more comfortable wearing,and more security during sports.

sports goggles for basketball jh058


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