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Anti-Fog Motocross Goggles PG001

1.PC lens material,anti-fog,anti-scraping,anti-wind sand,anti-UV;
2.TPU high-quality ductile frame,resistant to attack,not easy to break;
3. Adjustable anti-slip high elastic broadband, suitable for wearing more different head types;
4.3 Breathable soft sponge layer to cushion pressure and absorb sweat;
5. Removable nose holder,safe nose protection,easy to use.

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The lens of this best motocross goggles is made of PC material,which has the characteristics of anti-scratch and anti-fog and anti-breakage.The arc of the lens reaches 170°,which can fully give you high-definition open and open field of vision.The surface of the lens is treated with anti-fog coating,which can effectively play the role of anti-fog,ensuring clear vision under any conditions.Our lenses also provide comprehensive UV protection to protect the eyes from harmful rays and reduce eye fatigue.

The frame of moto goggles is made of high resistance TPU material,which is both durable and comfortable to wear.

At the same time,we use injection molding frame design on the headband to maintain the maximum balance when you use the goggles.

Our motocross goggles are designed to fit comfortably and securely on any helmet for motocross use and have adjustable straps that keep them in place even during the most intense outdoor activities.

In soft foam padding around the frame ensures a comfortable place for you when wearing goggles,while the sponge layer also blocks wind and filters dust for a more enjoyable ride.

In addition,our motorcycle goggles are not only very functional,they are also very stylish.With a variety of lens colors and frame styles to choose from,you can customize your frames to express your unique style on the go.

So whether you’re planning a weekend of off-road riding or just for everyday use,these motorcycle goggles are perfect for any rider.Choose the right pair of best motocross goggles now and drive your motorcycle in a whole new way.

anti-fog motocross goggles pg001


Lens color + frame color can be customized


TPU Frame +PC Lens,you can customize colors