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Black Anti Fog Motorcycle Mask MO021

1. Goggles arc PC lens, wind and dust proof, UV protection;
2. Goggles stick face with added sponge for comfortable wear and wicking sweat;
3. The middle mouth filter and two sides of the mask are designed with holes, comfortable and breathable;
4. Strips are added on both sides of the mask to make it fashionable and beautiful;
5.45mm headband length adjustable, suitable for helmet use.

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Our this Black anti fog motorcycle mask feature a circular PC lens,which is designed to withstand wind and dust while providing high quality clarity.It also has UV protection features to ensure your eyes are protected from harmful sun rays,avoid vertigo and keep you focused on the road ahead.

The motorcycle goggles mask also improve comfort and sweat retention,which we all know is important for long rides.That’s why our goggles have an extra layer of sponge attached to the face,providing a comfortable fit that not only effectively absorbs sweat.In addition, the goggles can cushion the pressure on the face,ensuring a dry and squeezed experience,enabling you to fully enjoy your riding experience.

Versatility is also at the heart of the motocross goggles mask,and that is that the goggles and mask can be removed,so most of the goggles and masks we designed can be easily separated,and the reason is to give you a variety of options. Whether you prefer to wear goggles individually to protect your eyes or combine them with a mask to completely cover your face,our products can be adapted to suit your specific needs and riding conditions.

The goggle mask has holes strategically placed in the middle of the mouth filter and on both sides.This stylish design maximizes airflow,ensuring optimal air permeability and comfort while riding.You can now enjoy a fresh, airy experience throughout your trip.

At the same time,we all know that safety is the most important thing in the process of cycling,so we put safety first, safety style second,but this does not mean that the style of moto safety goggles is arbitrary.Our goggle masks have smooth stripes on the sides to add a touch of style and elegance to your goggle.These decorative elements not only enhance the overall aesthetic,but also reflect your personality and make you stand out on the road.

Additionally, the goggles have an adjustable headband length of 45mm,ensuring it is comfortable and fits a variety of head sizes.Compatible with different helmet styles,our goggle masks seamlessly integrate into your outfit to ensure a safe and worry-free riding experience.

Consider choosing one of our motorcycle goggles face masks to redefine your riding adventure.With its dust-proof goggles,sweat-absorbing sponges, multifunctional design,breathable face masks, fashion bars,and adjustable headbands,our products offer the perfect balance of protection,comfort,and style.Enjoy the freedom of the open road while keeping your eyes open and your style elevated.

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Lens color + frame color can be customized


TPU Frame +PC Lens,you can customize colors