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Classic Motocross Helmet Mask with Goggles MO004

Clean, classic, and comfortable. The glasses takes the best of both feminine and masculine qualities.

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The classic black Motocross Helmet Mask,this kind of goggles design is more robot appearance,with pure black frame and different colors of lenses,suitable for a wider range of people.

The middle of the Helmet goggles frame of our off-road vehicle is a small white polygon,mainly to provide a logo display position for customers who need customized logo.In addition,it is to embellish the appearance of goggles,so that the whole pair of goggles look more beautiful.

The design of air holes is added on the left and right sides of the Motocross goggles frame.The purpose is to speed up the air convection inside the goggles and reduce the stuffy situation when the user wears the goggles.In addition,it is also to decorate goggles,so that the whole pair of goggles appearance will not be too monotonous.

In the selection of lenses,we always choose PC material lenses,its high resistance and durability are very excellent,and can make you avoid harmful light to the eye damage.

The soft layer on the inside of the black Motocross Helmet Mask enables you to say goodbye to the squeeze feeling when wearing them,and there is no problem when wearing them for a long time.In addition,for the belt of the Motocross goggles,we have adopted an oversized high-elasticity solid color adjustable soft belt,which makes you more comfortable to wear and excellent outdoor cycling experience.

classic motocross helmet mask with goggles mo004




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TPU Frame +PC Lens