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Polarized Dirt Bike Goggles MO014

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Polarized dirt bike goggles that use premium PC materials have a wider field of vision,larger space,and better security than the cylindrical lenses in the market.And can be electroplated process,special treatment of the lens surface,anti-UV,anti-glare and anti-wind sand.

The frame is made of tpu material,which has high resistance,is not easy to break,and will not break when twisted without leaving creases.The water dyeing process of the frame makes the goggles more fashionable and cool.

Detachable small squares are designed above the frame to facilitate customers to print their own logo.In the upper and lower parts of the frame for the double hole ventilation design,can accelerate the internal air flow,wear will not feel stuffy,breathing smoothly.

The nose pads that work for polarized dirt bike goggles are soft,breathable sponges.They have no sense of pressure and absorb sweat,making them more comfortable to wear.dirtbike goggles headband is a soft knit band with high elasticity,which can be adjusted according to the size of the head,suitable for more people.

polarized dirt bike goggles mo014




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TPU Frame + PC Lens