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Detachable Water Dye Frame Motorcycle Mask MO007-2

Removable water die frame motorcycle mask is comfortable to wear, and it is anti ultraviolet, anti fog and high resistance.

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Detachable water dye frame motorcycle mask is different from mo07-1 mask,and its watermark is also different.The frame of the upper part of the mask is also made of tpu,and the lens is PC electroplated,which makes the whole set of glasses more cool.It also protects your eyes from harmful light and gives you a clear vision experience.

The mask material of the lower part of motorcycle goggles is PP,which not only has good resistance to high and low temperature, water resistance,high frequency insulation,but also radiation resistance.Air holes are added on both sides and in the middle of the mask,which not only solves the problem of air permeability,but also improves the aesthetics of the whole pair of goggles and mask.

On the inside of the goggles mask,a sponge layer is added to effectively filter particulate dust and absorb sweat to avoid sweat entering the eyes and affecting the field of vision.

motorcycle mask adopts high-elastic adjustable soft belt,so that you can adjust the tightness in the wearing process and feel more comfortable.

detachable water dye frame motorcycle mask mo007-2




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TPU Frame +PC Lens