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Removable Skull Motorcycle Mask MO009-1

Removable Skull motorcycle mask is durable and has high resistance, more flexible and thick, UV resistance and strong protection, which can effectively prevent blowout and impact and protect eyes.

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Skull Motorcycle Goggle Mask The appearance of the skull is designed to fit the face,making the interior space of the whole goggles more sufficient and breathing more smoothly.

Goggles mask frame is made of tpu material, which is not only durable,but also more flexible and thick,with strong protection,and can effectively prevent bursting and impact.

The high-definition PC anti impact lens has a wide field of vision,allowing you to maintain clarity in complex environments,and can also resist ultraviolet rays and protect your eyes from harm.

In addition,the motorcycle goggles frame and the inner side of the mask are made of odor free,breathable,comfortable and elastic sponges (single-layer or three-layer sponges can be selected),which can effectively filter particulate dust and also absorb sweat.Make your ride more comfortable.

The flexible adjustable soft band is selected for the mirror band,and the tightness can be adjusted according to the size of the head,making you more comfortable when wearing the goggles mask,and ensuring that the goggles are not easy to slip off.

We can make solid color frames with different colors or water dyed frames with various patterns,or install masks with different shapes.

removable skull motorcycle mask mo009-1

Weight 132 kg



Customized Color




TPU Frame +PC Lens