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Water Stained Frame Dirt Bike Goggles Mask MO006

Water Stained Frame Dirt Bike Mask is comfortable to wear, anti -ultraviolet rays, and protect the eyes.

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Water stained Frame Dirt Bike Mask uses a goggles and mask design.The overall appearance color uses a colorful pattern watermark technology process,making the goggles more beautiful and cool.

This Dirt Bike goggles lens uses PC electroplating lenses,which is not only durable and light weight,but also effectively prevent lenses from cracking during strenuous exercise,and can prevent UV damage to the eyes.

The goggles mask frame is made of TPU,which is high -resistant and not easy to break.The front structure of the frame is designed to be a mirror frame in the middle and both sides.The other parts have no framework.The purpose is to provide users with better appearance and security.Wearing experience,there is no feeling of falling when wearing a goggles.

The inside of the Dirt Bike goggles and masks adds a soft layer of the sponge body,which can effectively buffer the pressure on the opposite side of the eye mirror.At the same time,you can also absorb the sweat of the forehead,prevent sweat from entering the eyes,and marketing riding experience.
For the selection of the band of the goggles,the large and high elastic soft band is selected,which can avoid the squeeze of the head on the head,and it can also avoid slipping the goggles during exercise.

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TPU Frame +PC Lens