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UV Protection Dirt Bike Goggles PG001-1

1.PC lens material,anti-fog, anti-scraping,anti-wind sand,anti-UV;
2.TPU high-quality water-dyed frames,resistant to attack,not easy to break;
3. Adjustable anti-slip high elastic 45mm broadband, comfortable to wear,stable and firm;
4.3 Breathable soft sponge layer to cushion pressure and absorb sweat.

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Our best dirt bike goggles are built with a PC lens and a TPU frame to withstand the harshest terrain and weather conditions.PC material lenses provide excellent impact resistance,while TPU material frames provide excellent flexibility and durability.

The goggles are designed with HD lens,PC material has the characteristics of impact resistance and not easy to break,which maximizes the safety of your eyes.The lens surface is treated with anti-fog coating,effectively anti-fog, and clear vision.And it protects your eyes 100% from UVA,UVB,and UVC damage.At the same time,it can also prevent the impact of solid and liquid particles on the eye caused by injury.Improve our dirt bike goggles and seal with increased field of view.

dirt bike goggles outside of the TPU frame has a ventilation system, good ventilation,windproof.And the frame can be bent at will not deformation,will not break,use more safe and assured.The frame of the goggles can be dyed with water to make your goggles look even brighter.

The goggles also come with a triple layer sponge for a comfortable fit,ensuring that you can focus on your ride without any distractions.The sponge layer also helps absorb sweat and filter dust,keeping your eyes dry and clear.

Adjustable design,the extra long strap headband fits perfectly with the motorcycle helmet.High density Elastic goggle strap (45mm) is not easy to slip.And can be easily adjusted to your liking.

In addition,the nose holder is detachable,allowing you to customize the goggles to your liking.This feature lets you wear goggles in different scenes and ensures that you can ride comfortably for longer periods of time.

Perfect for motorsports enthusiasts:off-road vehicles,motorcycles,men’s motocross goggles,racing,dirt pit bike riding,off-road and other outdoor sports.

Choose our trail dirt bike goggles today and experience a variety of styles,performance and protection of goggles.

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Lens color + frame color can be customized


TPU Frame +PC Lens,you can customize colors