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Anti Fog Ski Goggles JL005



1. The spherical anti-fog ski goggles frame is made of tpu flexible soft material;
2. Frame upper and lower two-way vent design;
3. Polycarbonate double-layer anti-fog lenses are selected;
4. The three-layer sponge design fits the face;
5. Adjustable rubber drop anti-slip high elastic band;
6. Support built-in OTC glasses.


Experience the durability and flexibility of our TPU-framed spherical anti fog ski goggles , designed to withstand impact without compromising comfort. The frame’s upper and lower two-way exhaust holes, coupled with a barrier layer, create an effective thermal insulation structure, preventing fog and blocking foreign particles. A fixed lens button on the front ensures a secure lens fit.

Opt for our polycarbonate double-layer anti-fog lenses, combining lightweight design with UV protection. The diverse lens options cater to various user preferences. The three-layer sponge design guarantees a comfortable fit, eliminating any uncomfortable squeezing sensation during wear. In case of impact, the sponge layers effectively absorb pressure.

Our anti fog ski goggles feature an adjustable rubber drip, anti-skid high elastic belt, ensuring a secure fit without slipping during use. Built-in OTC glasses support short-sighted users. We also offer OEM/ODM services for lens frames or lenses. Complying with UV400, CE, and ISO safety standards, our JL005 ski goggles prioritize your safety.

The PC lens meets optical clarity and high-quality/high-speed impact standards, providing 100% UVA/UVB protection with distortion-free definition. The lens coating prevents scratches, ensuring long-lasting clarity. We welcome small customization orders—reach out via message or call for personalized consultations and elevate your skiing experience with our premium ski goggles.

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TPU Frame + Polycarbonate Lens