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Kids Blue Ski Goggles Jl016



1.kids ski goggles polycarbonate double layer lenses: fog and UV protection
2.TPU high toughness frame: durable and resistant
3. Adopt boundless frame design: fashionable and beautiful
4. Three-layer sponge: soft, comfortable, breathable and sweat-absorbent
5. Elastic broadband: non-slip, adjustable and unloadabl


When it comes to skiing for kids, safety and comfort are our top priorities. Ensuring your child’s safety on the slopes is crucial, and that goes beyond just choosing the right skis, boots, and gloves. The selection of proper safety gear, like ski goggles, plays a pivotal role in protecting your child from wind, snow, and harmful UV rays.


Our kids’ blue ski goggles are crafted with a polycarbonate HD lens, delivering exceptional clarity and vision. The double-layer lenses provide UV and fog protection, ensuring clear visibility for your child while skiing. The open view design enhances their awareness of the surroundings, reducing safety risks and making skiing a more enjoyable experience.

The frame of our children’s ski goggles is constructed with high-toughness TPU material, allowing flexibility without deformation and minimizing the risk of breakage. The boundless design adds a touch of fashion while small TPU plates above and below the frame extend the lifespan, filtering dust, absorbing water mist, and maintaining a dry and comfortable interior.

For added comfort, three layers of sponges are incorporated into the veneer area of the goggles to absorb sweat and provide a comfortable fit. The headband features an elastic anti-skid broadband, detachable for easy cleaning, and adjustable to accommodate various ages and ski helmets, ensuring both comfort and safety.

In summary, our kids’ blue ski goggles are the perfect choice for a safe and enjoyable skiing experience. If you’re interested in purchasing these goggles, feel free to send us an email or a message. We’ll respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. Thank you!

kids blue ski goggles jl016




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