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Polarized Snowboard Goggles FJ038





Snowboard goggles are designed with double-layer polycarbonate spherical lenses,which have strong impact resistance,ultraviolet protection,anti glare,anti fog and anti snow blindness. And the ultra wide mirror gives you a high-definition ultra wide field of vision.

Goggles super thick tpu big box,high resistance,good protection effect,international version,suitable for people with different face types.The button design above the frame can quickly change the lens leaving you no longer worried about changing the lens.The double hole vent design above and below the frame can effectively reduce the condensation problem of the lens, and also accelerate the flow of hot air inside the goggles.

The three-layer sponge layer design in the snow board goggles veneer area can reduce the pressure on the face of the goggles,allowing you to experience more comfort.

In order to meet the needs of short-sighted users,our ski goggles are all designed with a card slot for short-sighted glasses,so as not to let myopia kill the enthusiasm for skiing.

The snow goggles belt is adjustable.You can adjust it according to the wearing tightness.The pattern of the mirror belt follows the hip-hop and publicity style of many ski enthusiasts, making the front and back goggles more cool.
polarized snowboard goggles fj038




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TPU Frame + Polycarbonate Lens