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Magnetic Lens Ski Goggles JL018



Fit (Head Size): Universal
Lens material: PC
Frame material: TPU
Mask material:PP


Magnetic lens ski goggles are made of polycarbonate lenses,8 high-strength magnets, super strong magnetic force, and stable lenses, which also make it easy and fast to replace lenses.

Opting for unparalleled clarity, our commitment to double-layer durable coating fog-proof polycarbonate lenses is unwavering. The inner layer guarantees long-term high-definition fog-proof vision, ensuring clarity even in challenging conditions. The outer lens provides safety with anti-ultraviolet, anti-glare, and anti-snow blindness features, safeguarding your ski experience.

The cold-resistant TPU frame exhibits superior flexibility, reliability, and remarkable bearing capacity, significantly minimizing facial impact.

Enhanced by a two-way air conduction design on the lens frame’s upper and lower parts, condensation prevention and foreign particle intrusion are effectively addressed.

The designed radian ensures comfort for Western faces, minimizing wind intrusion at the bridge of the nose. The three-layer highly elastic breathable memory foam offers robust cushioning, complemented by a soft woolen fabric exterior for added comfort.

Our snow goggles can be customized with myopia or presbyopia glasses, catering to diverse needs.

The fixed, non-detachable adhesive-dripping anti-skid belt provides comfort and superior anti-skid effects, ensuring stability during dynamic movements. The adhesive-dripping fixing point effectively disperses head pressure, securing goggles in place during challenging skiing maneuvers.

Additionally, we offer OEM/ODM services for frames or lenses, enabling you to choose coating colors based on your preferences. Our ski goggles cater to all age groups, providing a remarkable skiing experience for children, young adults, and the elderly.

magnetic lens ski goggles jl018

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm



Customes Requirment




TPU Frame + Polycarbonate Lens