JL Sportglasses

Beach Volleyball Sunglasses UC01

1. Polaroid square lens;
2. Tr90 material full frame design;
3. Soft rubber nosepiece comfortable to wear;
4. PC lens leg with curved linear design.


Elevate your beach volleyball experience with these sunglasses featuring Polaroid lenses for optimal UV protection and an oval design for a wide field of vision. They’re glare and impact-resistant, ensuring full eye protection during outdoor activities. The lenses are interchangeable, allowing you to match different colors with varying weather conditions.

Crafted with care, the full frame is made of TR90 material—strong, flexible, and lightweight. The frosted texture adds a touch of elegance, ensuring you look stylish whether on the beach or fishing. The soft rubber nose rest provides comfort and corrosion resistance for long-lasting wear.

Designed for convenience, the screwed-on temples are easily replaceable. The curved linear exterior and non-slip rubber strip inside offer both beauty and functionality, ensuring secure positioning during strenuous activities. Customize the exterior with a metal logo for a personalized and chic touch, highlighting the beauty and generosity of these sunglasses.

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TR90 Frame + Polaroid Lens