JL Sportglasses

Blue Fashion Sunglasses UC05

1. Polaroid lenses, UV protection.
2. tr90 frame, light weight, impact resistance.
3. Rubber nosepiece anti-slip.


Our sports eyewear lenses feature Polaroid technology, meticulously chosen for its versatility in meeting daily wear needs and enhancing your vision. The blue fashion sunglasses follow suit with Polaroid lenses, surpassing the functionality of ordinary lenses to provide robust protection for your eyes. Shielding against harmful UV rays takes precedence, prioritizing your safety during outdoor activities. The anti-glare feature ensures clear vision in bright light, while wind and sand protection keep your eyes irritation-free, enabling unwavering focus on the road ahead. The thoughtful oval lens design facilitates easy removal and flexibility, adapting seamlessly to varying light conditions. Moreover, the lenses offer customization through an electroplating process, allowing personal expression with options like monochrome, polarized, and color-changing lenses.

Crafted with TR90 frames, a blend of flexibility, impact resistance, and durability, these sunglasses embody innovation. The convex nosepiece design hugs the contours of your nose, enhancing wearing comfort for an enjoyable ride. The frame’s adaptability extends to customization through painting, adding a touch of style to an already exceptional design.

The non-removable rubberized nosepiece ensures a secure fit, keeping the sunglasses in place even at high speeds—an essential feature for stability and safety during intense rides.

Combining style and functionality, the flat temples of the sunglasses showcase thoughtful design. Hollowed-out holes at the center promote air circulation, preventing discomfort during wear. The rubber-wrapped end, featuring small holes, serves a dual purpose, providing a non-slip grip for enhanced stability on your head and ensuring the sunglasses stay firmly in place, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your riding experience without hindrance.

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TR90 Frame + Polaroid Lens