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Prescription Mtb Glasses UC06

1. Polaroid lenses, UV protection.
2. tr90 large frame, light weight, impact resistance, good protection.
3. Rubber nosepiece is non-slip.
4. Built-in myopia glasses ring.


Experience unparalleled visual clarity and protection with the Polaroid lenses featured in these prescription MTB glasses. Safeguard your eyes against harmful external light and foreign objects, thanks to a comprehensive set of protective features. Defend against harmful UV rays and maintain clear vision during extended rides. The anti-glare properties minimize motion-induced glare, ensuring a stable view even at high speeds. These lenses also ward off sand and debris, keeping your focus squarely on the road ahead. The innovative oval design is both removable and flexible, adapting seamlessly to changing light conditions. Additionally, the electroplated lenses provide a customizable touch, offering a range of color choices, including monochrome, polarized, and variegated options.

Crafted from durable TR90 frames, these glasses are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. Non-fully framed frame design, reducing overall weight while enhancing convenience and adding a touch of fashion. This not only guarantees a comfortable fit but also introduces a modern aesthetic. Addressing a wider audience, the frames cater to the myopic population with the inclusion of a myopic inner ring at the nose rest, meeting specific needs.

The non-removable rubberized nose bridge ensures stability and security during intense cycling activities, keeping the sports sunglasses firmly in place. Stability is paramount for maintaining focus and comfort throughout your ride.

Carefully designed flat temples snugly fit the sides of the head, ensuring a secure and comfortable wear. To elevate the overall experience, a hole design near the temple joints facilitates air circulation, preventing discomfort from heat and sweat retention. Enjoy a refreshing and smooth ride with these thoughtfully designed sports sunglasses.

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TR90 Frame + Polaroid Lens