JL Sportglasses

Polarized Cycling Glasses SP013-1

1. Using Polaroid lenses;
2. Frame PC material;
3. Ergonomic nosepiece design;
4. PC material temples can be removed,not easy to break.


Our polarized cycling glasses feature high-quality Polaroid lenses, providing UV protection and reduced glare for high-definition vision. The integrally molded lenses ensure a secure fit with the option to add your logo without compromising your cycling experience.

Constructed with durable PC material, the half-frame design enhances style and functionality. Skeletonized sides offer stability and a refreshing, comfortable experience during intense rides. The lightweight frame ensures comfort throughout your journey.

Designed for comfort, our sunglasses feature an ergonomic nosepiece with a soft rubber design for a secure, slip-resistant fit. Easily removable for regular cleaning, ensuring hygiene and longevity.

Temple design includes durable PC material, detachable for convenience, with a non-slip rubber wrap to prevent slippage. Rope attachment at the temple end ensures eye safety during intense outdoor sports, keeping your sunglasses securely in place for a focused ride.

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PC Frame + Polaroid Lens