JL Sportglasses

Sports Cycling Sunglasses SP004

Type: Sports Sunglasses
Application: Outdoor sports such as cycling, running, hiking, golf, fishing, mountaineering, rock climbing, equestrian sports, water sports, outdoor photography, etc
Supply Capacity: Monthly output of 100,000 units, offering OEM for big brands
Delivery Time: Custom orders: 15-35 days, depending on the quantity
Wholesale Price: Determined by the purchase quantity
Minimum Customized Order Quantity: Minimum order quantity is 300 pieces, with a minimum of 100 pieces per color
Standard Packaging: OPP bag + white inner box + outer carton
Customization Service: Supports OEM and ODM


Sports biking sunglasses feature UV400 polycarbonate lenses, offering UV protection, polarization, anti-fog, and bulletproof-level impact resistance for reduced risk of eye injury during intense exercise.

The sunglasses frame undergoes a superb polishing process for a smooth, rounded surface, ensuring enhanced comfort. The inner side of the frame features a small snap for convenient lens firmness or replacement.

Equipped with a rubber nosepiece for anti-slip effectiveness, ensuring a secure fit on the nose. The adjustable width accommodates different nose heights.

Biking sunglasses legs are adorned with a metal logo, conveying firmness and aesthetic appeal. Non-slip rubber strips at the leg ends prevent sliding, preserving the optimal wearing experience.

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Available Colors + Customization Requests




PC Frame + Polycarbonate Lens


(Adult Size), Kids Size Need to be Customized