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Polarized Cycling Sunglasses SP028

1. Polaroid lenses, lenses with one-piece molding design;
2. PC material half frame design with water-dyed frame;
3. Rubber nose rest can be removed;
4. PC lens leg with curved linear design.


Indulge in superior clarity and protection with our polarized cycling sunglasses. The high-definition polaroid lenses offer excellent light transmission, UV resistance, and glare reduction for a sharp view during intense cycling. Crafted as a single piece, these lenses ensure durability and top-notch optical performance.

Enhancing durability and impact resistance, our cycling sports glasses boast a sleek half-frame design in premium PC material. The water-dyed finish adds a touch of style, complemented by a metal logo on each side for a refined aesthetic.

Recognizing the importance of compatibility, we’ve equipped these glasses with a removable rubber nosepiece. Easily cleanable and replaceable, it ensures optimal comfort and a secure fit, letting you focus on your outdoor rides distraction-free.

The PC temples feature a curved linear shape for enhanced aesthetics and stability during your ride. Recessed holes on the front side promote effective wind transfer, and the rubber wrap at the end guarantees excellent slip resistance, ensuring comfort and safety throughout your cycling activities. Elevate your riding experience with these thoughtfully designed sports glasses.
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PC Frame + Polaroid Lens