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Anti Fog Safety Glasses AS54E


Anti fog safety glasses adopt anti-scratch and hard PC lens,which can effectively block 99.9% UV,and can resist high-speed particle impact,good resistance performance,mirror after anti-fog coating treatment,anti-fog effect is good,clear and open vision,safe protection of eyes.In addition,the lens can be replaced to meet the needs of people with myopia or reading glasses.

The two sides of the safety glasses goggles adopt the widened flanking design to prevent foreign bodies such as gravel or fine sand from entering from the side,and fully protect the glasses.

The brow strip uses a breathable sponge strip,so that you will not feel the pressure of the goggles on your face when wearing.At the same time,the eyebrow strip can be detachable,such as your eyebrow strip damaged,can be easily replaced.

A small soft silicone nose pad is used in the nose pad to prevent the goggles from sliding.The nose pad can also be replaced in your favorite color.

The anti fog safety glasses goggles have soft rubber at the end of the slightly curved glass leg,which can make the glasses firmly on the head. The scope of the glass foot can be adjusted and worn,suitable for people with different head types.


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