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Stylish Safety Glasses S005





Polycarbonate PC lens is applied to effectively prevent impact hazards,block 99.9% ultraviolet light,and create a stylish safety glasses with 180 degree window.The stylish safety glasses have good visual effect,clear vision and effective comfort.In addition,the side of the lens adopts flank protection and fits the eye area,which can protect the eyes more effectively and can replace the myopia lens.

The frame is made of PC material,which is wear-resistant and durable,bending freely and not easy to break.The tightness of wearing can be adjusted freely with the sealed and soft face frame.The non-slip rubber pad is added at the end of the mirror leg,which can effectively prevent the glasses from sliding or loose when you wear them.

The safety glasses nose pad fits well and is comfortable to fit various face shapes. The soft nose pad does not compress the bridge of the nose and reduces the fatigue caused by long-term wearing. Meanwhile,the nose pad can be detachable,if damaged,you can replace it with a new one or your favorite color.

The glasses legs are designed by clamping nails and can be fine-tuned up and down to meet the needs of people with different face shapes.

stylish safety glasses s005


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