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Laboratory Safety Goggles S008

Lens material: PC
Frame material: TPR
Elastic band material: polyester elastic band
Size: 17.5*8.5*8cm
Weight: 82g
Characteristics: impact resistance, anti-scratch, anti-wind and sand, anti-liquid splash, anti-fog


This laboratory safety goggles has a wrap-around design that is stylish and aesthetically pleasing with ideal protection, and features PC unibody lenses that are impact resistant, wind and sand resistant, UV resistant, splash resistant, and anti-fogging, with anti-fogging effect for at least 1 year or more, this coating ensures that the lenses remain clear even in humid or high temperature environments to maintain optimal Visibility. Ideal for use in laboratories, clean rooms, personal care and more.

Meanwhile, the four edges around the lens are polished with a matte finish to give it a sleek and beautiful appearance. This matte finish adds texture and enhances the overall appearance of the goggles.

The goggle frame is equipped with vents. These vents serve the dual purpose of preventing fogging on the lenses and providing enough ventilation to keep the wearer comfortable during extended use.

Additionally, the goggles are made of soft, supple TPR material that fits softly and comfortably on the face and protects against dust, debris and other particles. Provides a comfortable and secure seal that minimizes the risk of foreign objects entering the eye area.

And the wide space inside can device myopic glasses, can be worn with myopic glasses to meet the myopic user population.

And this goggle comes with an adjustable elastic headband for customized comfort. The headband can be easily adjusted to fit different head sizes and ensures a secure fit for improved wearer comfort and stability.

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TPR Frame + PC Lens