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Shooting Range Goggles TA002-2

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Military tactical goggles are made of PC material lenses,professional sports lenses are not easy to break,resistant to impact,more secure,windproof and dustproof,protect your eyes from wind and sand trapped brain.And the lens simulation ballistic test,the results of the lens does not break,the lens surface only has a small dent.In addition,the surface of our lenses add anti-fog coating to prevent the formation of water fog,so you say goodbye to the lens fogging trouble.

The tactical goggles are designed with multi-hole filtering vents on the top and bottom to ensure that the airflow is normal and can filter out fine sand particles to ensure a clear view,while increasing the internal air circulation,comfortable to wear and improve combat capabilities.

The adjustment buckle on the goggles headband is flexible and removable,and the headband is flexible and has a large contact surface,so you won’t feel any tightness when wearing it for a long time,and you can adjust the wearing elasticity according to the size of different people’s heads to make you more comfortable.

In addition, this military tactical goggles increased glasses protective cover,in order to prevent the lens from wear or scratch, when not wearing,you can use the protective cover to cover the main lens of glasses.

shooting range goggles ta002-2


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TPU Frame + PC Lens