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Tactical Shooting Goggles TA001

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This shooting goggles use PC-made lenses,which are 2.88mm thick and have been tested to mimic ballistic conditions.So,even in the intense exercise also effectively protect your eye safety.

Frame of this military goggles is made of tpu material,which is extremely soft and not easy to break.It is durable and does not fade.The soft veneer area allows you to wear it without feeling pressured.

The upper and lower part of the goggles are designed with vents and a breathable sponge layer is added to effectively filter airborne dust and small gravel or mud,and speed up the internal air flow,allowing you to breathe smoothly.

The knitted headband is more comfortable to wear.The headband is fixed on the shooting goggles and will not come loose even when you pull it,so as to protect your safety.The adjustable buckle on the headband can adjust the elastic band according to the size of the head,to meet the needs of different people.

tactical shooting goggles ta001


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TPU Frame + PC Lens