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Athletic Goggles Basketball JH019

1.PC lenses,anti-impact,anti-cracking,wind and sand,anti-fog;
2.PC oval frame;
3.Soft silicone nosepiece is not removable;
4.Adjustable elastic band.


Designed to withstand the rigors of basketball,our athletic goggles basketball have PC lenses that provide excellent protection.These lenses are not only impact resistant,but shatterproof as well,and it ensures that your eyes are protected from accidental collisions and potential hazards on the court.

Our eyewear is weatherproof and anti-fogging,so you can maintain a clear view and focus on the game,even in harsh environments!

PC oval frames are both stylish and functional,these frames are designed to provide a wide field of vision while ensuring optimal protection and durability.
Designed to provide a wide field of vision while ensuring optimal protection,this frame’s durable construction ensures that the frame will last for years to come,making it the ideal protective gear for the rigors of the game of basketball.

As a sports eyewear factory with 26 years of experience,we understand the importance of comfort,which is why our basketball goggles are equipped with a non-removable soft silicone nosepiece that not only ensures a comfortable fit,but also enhances comfort throughout the game.Say goodbye to slipping or discomfort,and at the same time,you can keep your glasses safe and secure without sliding around.

Additionally,our sports goggles come with an adjustable elastic band so you can find the perfect fit for your preference,ensuring that your goggles stay securely in place without causing discomfort.Whether you prefer a snug fit or a slightly looser feel,our elasticized straps will meet your needs.

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